I STILL Can't Breathe 8:46 - Drum Machines Have No Soul (Produced by Kil & Beezo)

Posted On Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Throughout the history of black history, our music has always been a direct reflection of what challenges we were facing at the time. Whether it was the hymns sung during slavery, the songs sung during the civil rights movement and James Brown’s “I’m Black and I’m Proud” and Marvin’s “What’s Going On” to Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” music has always been the score to where we were socially…’til now. Nowadays, if you look at the music that the bulk of black folk make, you’d be under the false impression that we live to make it rain and that money ain’t a thing and nothing could be further from the truth. Forget about black folk being unemployed and struggling to keep food on the table. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the fact that black men, women AND children are out here being slaughtered by the cops, not to mention each other! And where is the music that reflect that? 

So, with me Beezo calling out the who’s who of the hip hop/entertainment game, we knew that we had to bring sumthin’ to the table ourselves which is where our “I STILL Can't Breath 8:48″ project comes into play. Taking the title from the time that the police officer's knee was on George Floyd's neck,  the project has us challenging any and all MC’s, singers, poets, etc. to jump over these beats (5 produced by me and 5 produced by Beezo) to create sumthin’ positive that not only reflects the George Floyd murder, the Mike Brown murder, the Eric Gardner murder, the Sandra Bland murder, the Philando Castile murder, the Freddie Grey mruder,  the Breonna Taylor murder, etc. etc. the struggles we face with the police and also the senseless black on black killings that take places in our communities everyday! So if you hear a track that you’re feeling…jump on it! Wanna rhyme over the entire project? Cool…make it happen! And when it’s done upload it to your soundcloud, bandcamp, facebook, mixcloud, etc. and not only help get the word out about our “I STILL Can't Breath 8:48″ project but help us get not only get black music back but ALL music back to where it's supposed to be. All that we ask in return is that we're properly credited for the production of the beats you choose...sound good? Then get to writing and let's change the game starting with YOUR words and OUR beats!

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