The Abstract Poet Incognito Years Mixtape

Posted On Friday, April 12, 2019

Q Tip's name throughout the mid to late 90's/early 2000's was seldomly brought up in two categories whenever I was chopping it up about hip 10 producers ever and the dopest producer on the mic. And in my opinion that was due to all of the Tribe albums saying "produced by A Tribe Called Quest." And if you were like me, I thought that meant Ali was the producer of all of the Tribe bangers. It wasn't until post "Midnight" when I heard Tip's outside production vs. Ali's outside production that I put two and two together that it was actually Tip behind those classic Tribe albums.  It also didn't help when Tip crew'd up with Dilla and Ali to form the Ummah and Dilla went on to say that he did the bulk of the production and that's why he jetted because producing under the Ummah banner everyone assumed Tip did those beats. But thanks to Tip officially saying it in Tribe's "Beats Rhymes & Life" documentary that he was the man behind those Tribe albums and those AMAZING Tribe remixes (Scenario, Oh My God, Can I Kick It, etc.) plus those B sides (1, 2 Shit, If The Papes Come, etc.) his name is FINALLY being mentioned in those two categories. So it was only right for me to put together my "Abstract Poet Incognito" mixtape with some of my fave Tip produced bangers on tap! FYI,  when it came to Tribe songs I only included those Tribe remixes and B sides I just spoke about because if I including all of his Tribe stuff, this would've just turned into a best of Tribe mix which I already have on tap so if you want those Tribe bangers you can grab my "Tribe Called Quest Represent, Represent" mixtape here.

Scenario (rmx) - Tribe
Road Runner (rmx) - Chi Ali
Gangsta Bitch - Apache
Can I Kick It (rmx) - Tribe
If The Papes Come - Tribe
Drink Away The Pain - Mobb Deep
Crooklyn - Crooklyn Dodgers
Give Up The Goods - Mobb Deep
Get Down (rmx) - Craig Mack
One Love - Nas 
Oh My God (rmx) - Tribe
1, 2 Shit - Tribe
We've Got The Jazz (rmx) - Tribe
The World Is Yours (rmx) - Nas
Bonita Applebum (rmx) - Tribe
Temperature's Rising - Mobb Deep 

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