Mrs. Carter Mixtape

Posted On Friday, April 26, 2019

Just like they screamed at the end of NWA's "100 Miles & Runnin" "surprise niggas...welp, surprise niggas cause I'm a HUGE Beyonce fan! Now, don't get it twisted, ya'll KNOW I ain't never been on no stan ish & I damn sure ain't part of the Bey Hive or whatever but ever since she dropped her self titled album six years ago...I ain't gonna hold ya'll...outside of that Carter album her & Jay dropped, B can do no wrong in my eyes. Now, here's the funny part, I know a RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK of folk who can't stand B & I have no idea why and guess what? 9 times outta 10 they don't know why either. Why do I say that? Cause 9 times outta 10 the folk who I'm chopping it up with on a regular basis have probably never heard an entire B album a in their life. So how can you judge someone or something you've never seen or heard? That's like someone saying the 2nd season of the Sopranos was wack but they only saw 3 episodes outta 13. 

Now keep in mind, I said I've been a fan for the past 6 years but remeber B's been on the scene with Destiny's Child for over 20 years. So why wasn't I a fan before? Well, because back then I felt like B was just part of the machine. Dropping pointless music for teenage girls, making wack songs about Bills,  Bug A Boos & keeping the club jumping while selling a shit load of records & living on the charts. But to be honest none of that ish ever moved me. Did I like a song here and there? No doubt. Sheeeeeeeeeeet I LOVED "Say My Name" but there's no way in a million years that I would've EVER said I was a Destiny's Child or a Beyonce "fan." But like I said, the second she dropped that self titled album six years ago, all of that changed.

So why did everything change with THAT album? Cause that was the album B's label didn't want her dropping but she said "f&%k em" and dropped it anyway. And anytime a label doesn't want you dropping an album 9 times outta 10 you're not giving them what they think is gonna sell a sh%t load of records and/or you're saying something they don't want folk to hear. So I was ALL ears to see what she had on tap. And what she had on tap wasn't any more teeny booper ish.  Nah B went from singing songs for teenage girls to being drunk in love and trying to get come outta her dress. See, NOW B was speaking my language. I actually started looking at B as more of a MC then a singer. And come on ya'll...who in their right mind can front on B's "Lemonade" album? Lyrics were CRAZY, beats were CRAZY, the concept was CRAZY, the videos were CRAZY and it'll probably go down in history as one of the dopest "heartbreak albums" EVER! But B's still just "aiight" to ya'll huh? Well bang out to my "Mrs. Carter" mixtape which is the FURTHEST things from a best of Beyonce's  mix cause like I said I hated 80% of the music you ever heard from B that was on the radio. Nah, this is a mix of some of my personal fave B BANGERS on tap! And do me this justice ya'll...if ya'll don't rock with B, that's cool no harm no foul but can ya'll PLEASE stop acting like shorty isn't one of the dopest singers & performers walking the planet earth right now....pretty please? Good looking...

Bow Down
Drunk In Love
6  Inch
Sweet Dreams
Get Me Bodied (Remix)
Love On Top
Mrs. Carter
Ring the Alarm
Upgrade U
Ego (Remix)
Hold Up

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