The Broad Street Bully Mixtape

Posted On Friday, March 8, 2019

The first time I heard the Broad Street Bully was back in '98 when the Belly Soundtrack dropped and "Crew Love" on.

"I set up shop with nick rocks that'll upset rookies,  make 'em slide like li'l dicks in wet pussy/open up the whole strip like Monopoly and dare one of ya'll to land on my property/think you get some dough for my community chest, Blaow blaow two to yo chest."

And that's all I needed to hear to know dude had "it." Sometimes when I hear about MCs and how they got signed on the spot, I don't get it but after hearing "Crew Love" there was no doubt in my mind why Jay snatched Beans up. Now, I won't hold you I wasn't in love with his debut album on Rocafella "The Truth." In fact outside 2-3 songs it was disappointing as hell. His sophomore album "The Reason" was MUCH doper but it wasn't til his third album "The B. Coming" that he finally got that 5 mic classic that he deserved under his belt. And in between those three albums Beans had some ups (his classic mixtape "Public Enemy Number 1" and his battle with Kiss and D Block) but a lot more downs. (his legal woes, jail time and the break up of the Roc and State Prop) And recently his luck hasn't gotten any better with him getting shot, losing a kidney and damn near losing his voice. (I didn't even know that was him on Pusha's "Keep Dealing" til I read the credits) But even with that black cloud that Nas was talking about following Beans around on what seems like the daily, in the meantime you can bang out to my "Broad Street Bully" mixtape and salute himfor being not only one of the illest MC's outta Philly but one of the illest MC's period!

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