Braxton Values Mixtape

Posted On Monday, February 12, 2018

Cats always think that I'm buggin' when I tell 'em if I could produced for any R&B artist from the 90's on that it would be Toni Braxton. But here's the wild part...are ya'll REALLY gonna front on Toni? Her first album is a certified 5 mic classic with banger after banger on it! I'm talking BANGERS like 7 Whole Days, Love Should've Brought You Home, Breath Again, You Mean The World To Me, How Many Ways?!!!? Toni wasn't out here just making dope songs, shorty was out here making f&$king anthems! Now I won't hold you, none of her following albums could even hold a match to the first one (her last album "Pulse" was actually pretty dope) but each of those albums had gems here and there on them, so chill out to my Braxton Values mixtape saluting one of the illest singers ya'll been sleeping on the past 20 years.

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