Apt. 5B Podcast Hosted by Kil : Just How Dope Are Skyzoo & Evidence's New Albums?!?!?

Posted On Monday, February 26, 2018

For this week's ep of my podcast Apt. 5B, I'm chopping it up with Tone & Eddie about two of hip hop's newest albums on tap Skyzoo's In Celebration Of and Evidence's Weather or Not. We're talking what songs we rocked with, which ones we didn't, what's the replay value of each album and how many mics we give 'em. We also dive into the importance of MCs opening up about their personal lives to the fans and then why the same fans who asked for more adult contemporary hip hop then turn around and persecute them for it, how much your expectations going into an album can effect whether how much you like or it or not and why the executive was and still is SO important for making doper hip hop nowadays! Trust and believe this is just ANOTHER dope ep ya'll and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube and Mixcloud pages!

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