The Columbia/Def Jam/Feeniix Years with Amerie

Posted On Friday, August 27, 2021

If you've ever chopped it up with me then you know one of my famous sayings is folk have different definitions for the same word. So when I saw someone tweet the other day that Amerie was a "one hit wonder." I knew from the door, me & shorty had two TOTALLY different definitions for one hit wonder. I'm sure her definition was someone who had one "hit song." While mine is someone who had one hit song...and THAT'S IT! Meaning they had no follow up album (and in some cases not even a follow up song) and you never heard or saw from them again (think Color Me Badd or Milli Vanilli) and Amerie sure as hell doesn't fall in that category cause shorty not only dropped 4 albums and an EP but shorty had multiple BANGERS! Nah, none of them were as big as "One Thing" but they were still bangers none the less. So for anybody out there who was thinking Amerie was a one hit wonder, bang out to my mixtape saluting one of the DMV's dopest!

One Thing
Talking About
Hate to Be True
Gotta Work Hard
Why Are You
More Than Love
Rolling Down My Face
Why Don't We Fall In Love
Talking To Me
Out Loud
Pretty Brown Eyes
All I Need

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