Just Blaze & the Blazettes Mixtape

Posted On Friday, December 2, 2022

If you've ever checked out an ep of my podcast Apt. 5B chances are you may have heard me say that since Just has never produced an entire album that he'll never crack my top 10. Now some folk think that's a 'lil extreme but the moral is that when I was coming up in the 80's and 90's your name didn't even get mentioned amongst the greats unless you had that dolo album under your belt and at the end of the day, Just doesn't. But you know these new school cats, if you're not swallowing cats off then you don't like them and there could be nothing further from the truth with Just cause dude is a MONSTER! Just is EASILY responsible for some of the dopest and hardest BANGERS post 2000 and is one of the key reasons I that I even started listening to Jay again and nobody could front on that. And by some strange chance you know someone who is frontin, PLEASE play them this mixtape so they can do the knowledge on one of the dopest producers post 2000!

Roc Da Mic - Beans & Freeway
What We Do - Freeway
Safe 2 Say - Fat Joe
PSA - Jay Z
The Roc - Camron
Exhibit A - Jay Electronica
Hovi Baby - Jay Z
Friends - Saigon
Welcome To NYC - Camron
Compton - Kendrick Lamar
Bread & Butter - Beans
Song Cry - Jay Z
Breath - Fabolous
Oh Boy - Camron
Invitation - Saigon
I Love My B-tches - Rick Ross
Girls Girls Girls - Jay Z
Come On Baby - Saigon
Exhibit C - Jay Electronica

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