Apt. 5B Podcast Hosted by Kil: What MC's From The 90's Are STILL Dope?

Posted On Sunday, December 3, 2017

For this week's ep of my podcast Apt. 5B I'm chopping it up with Vegas, JR, DJ Wreck 1 and Jas about what MC's from the 90's are still dope enough to bring that heat in 2017! We're also chopping it up about is Nas' new album REALLY done, Q Tip's rant on the Grammy's, why MC's always name their next album "fill in the blank Pt. 2" so that the fans think we're getting that classic artists back (exp. Only Built Got Cuban Linx Pt. 2, Supremem Clientel Pt. 2, Muddy Waters Pt. 2, Stillmaic, etc. etc.) and me & Jas are debating is the reason why cats don't live with music nowadays because so much music comes out or because the music just isn't dope enough? Vegas goes on an epic rant on folk who think Nas' It Was Written was doper then Illmatic and I go on a rant about why I don't need another Common album or need to EVER see him in a movie again! Plus we give you our take on Fab & Kiss' new mixtape "Friday On Elm Street, how many mics we give it and who ripped it better, Fab or Kiss? It's just ANOTHER dope ep and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube Page!

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