Rap's New Generation Mixtape

Posted On Friday, October 12, 2018

Not a week goes by when someone isn't telling me that such a such is the next "one" or I'd "love" this new group or MC. And 90% of the time I never see the hype. Now, keep in mind I said "90%" of the time cause I can think of two MC's off the top that folk cosigned & were 100% right about them and that was Drake & Kendrick. Now my guy    on twitter Anih1ism had been telling me about Westside Gunn & Conway for a MINUTE & I would always be like "yeah I'm gonna check them out" but I'd never get around to it. Then I'm watching the BET ciphers a minute after the show (cause I refuse the watch ANY BET awards show) & I see this dude killing it but what got my attention more was that his face seemed messed up. 

So after some googling I realize that this is the dude Conway my guy had been telling me about. So I jump on apple music & the only album I could find for dude was this jawn "Rejects 2." And when I tell ya'll that I started "Rejects 2" three weeks ago and it hasn't left my rotation since, I REALLY mean that. In fact, the only thing that knocked Rejects out the box were other Conway and Westside Gunn mixtapes! All of that to say that 90% I was talking about earlier might actually be 85% now cause Westside Gunn & Conway are mos def rap's new generation! (for my younger folk out there that's a shout out to the old school BANGER "Rap's New Generation" by The Classical Two) Salute to my guys Anih1ism, Big Daddy Cool & Mistamonitone for making sure I heard these dudes!

Summer Slam '88
The Scorpion
John Starks
Sigel In State Porperty
Eric B.
Mean Gene
The Curve
Sky's Joint
Rex Ryan
Don't Trust A Soul
Brains Flew By
Rick Boxes
Bullet Club
Blakk Tape
Never Change
1,000 Coprses
Land O Lakes
Tommy Snort
Amherts Station
St. Regis
Red Tops
Bullet Holez In My Neck
Night Drive
Mr. T
Perfect Plex
Rodney Little
City SOS & Me
30 Shells
Hall & Nash
Biscotti Bicuit
God's Don't Bleed
Fish Fry
Brossface Bripler
Hall & Nash 2

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