Apt. 5B Podcast Hosted by Kil: The Life & Rhymes of Prodigy

Posted On Monday, June 26, 2017

Peep the new ep of my podcast under it's new name The Apt. 5B. Most folk didn't know but two weeks ago my mother in law passed away and it was a HUGE loss to my family. So I wanted to do something to keep her name alive and when I was getting off the elevator in her building in Harlem after the funeral, I saw the apartment number 5B & I knew that was it. But even though the name changed, don't worry cause the content is still the same. In fact the show is only gonna get doper with us not only chopping it up about hip hop & R&B but I'm adding sports, love and life to the mix so I'm mos def hype for the new stuff that's gonna be on tap 'round these parts! 

But with all of that said the first ep of Apt. 5B we're chopping it up about the legacy, the life and rhymes of Prodigy, one of the ILLEST MC's EVER! We're talking about when was the first time we knew P was a problem, our top 3 dopest P verses, some of his slept on verses, how we found out about his passing, our dopest memories of P and where does he fall on our top 25 list of the dopest MC's ever? And ya'll already know we gotta give ya'll our two cents about if we're hype or not for this new Jay Z album dropping Friday! And just like always....it's ANOTHER dope ep ya'll and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube Channel!


  1. Reminiscing on P can have conversations that goes on for days (evident on this podcast) Highly slept on by the masses but an Underground favorite, Prodigy's verses ignites conversations, memories and the ability to dissect his rhymes and verses down to the bone is incredible. Thanks fellas for remembering one of Hip-Hop's Greatest Orators


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