I Can't Call It: Fin - Syd

Posted On Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Aiight...so I was late to the whole Internet party. Like REALLY late. But better late then never right? Now don't get it twisted, I heard their name ringing bells here and there but I never paid 'em any mind. Why? I don't know. Music with me is all about timing. Cause once my rotation is set, it's hard as hell to crack it. So maybe they dropped when my rotation was set and I wasn't trying to hear any new music or maybe the whole them being down with Tyler (not a fan at all) thing turned me off. Well, neither here no there cause the moral was I wasn't checking for them. Then one day my man Bos told me about them and he was REALLY biggin' them up. Now, when it comes to me & Bos, 9 times outta 10 we don't agree on anything music wise but he kept saying how dope they were so eventually I was like "aiight...I'll bite" and damn I'm glad I did. No need to go into how dope The Internet's "Ego Death" album was cause ya'll already know. But from that album I became a huge fan of the lead singer Syd. So when word got to ear that shorty had a dolo album on tap, this go 'round it didn't have to take any convincing to get me to listen cause I was already all ears.

"Fin" sets off with the Hit Boy produced "Shake It Off" and has Syd telling all the haters "there's nothing you can tell me, I'm grown", "No Complaints" is a quick in and out jawn and has Syd letting you know just how dope she is "plotting on some b-tches and a wagon, I'm a make this money for the ones who never had it/niggas think they're ballin' but I'm waiting on the new stats, I would tell you I'm the greatest but you already know that" and "Nothin' To Something" just flat out BANGS and has Syd telling her rags to riches story "I'm too much off the goose so gimme the juice, too picky to choose out of all of you/these b-tches kiss and tell but I wish 'em well, I'm just overzealous they think I'm selfish/but I'm working on my wellness hustle for my health and I'm working on my wellness hustle for my health, and I keep pushing this product til there's nothing on the shelf/if I got to hell hope my b-tchs get to visit, met at my hotel make another bad decision." The album's first single "All About Me" is about Syd's loyalty to her family and crew, "Smile More" smoothes things out and has Syd breaking down exactly why she grinds so hard, "tell you what I'm grinding for, just to see you smile more/lately I spend all of my time tryna keep you satisfied, if I can have you all to me/then I am your for you to keep, bring your body close to mine."

"Got Her Own" is a heavy 808 banger talking about a shorty who doesn't need anything you've got to offer, "Drown In It" is SO dope and reminds me of Aaliyah's "I Don't Wanna" but this jawn is definitely in it's own lane and I really don't have any words to explain just how dope the Melo - X produced "Body" is. "The bed is your stage, take it away/put on a show, put on a play/don't ask babe you know I'm your number one fan babe/so get those cameras rollin right now, I'm directing and I really wanna see you act out/let your body take over you, your body's taking over you/so baby we can take it slow, say my name, don' let go I can hear your body/when I pull you hair what's my name, girl I swear I can hear your body babe." "Dollar Bills" is STUPID & is Syd's anthem for the strip club, "Over" featuring 6Lack is Syd's anthem for when your relationship has run it's course and "Insecurities" ends the album on a dope note and deals with Syd getting past her her insecurities. But my fave banger on "Fin" is EASILY "Know." This jawn is SO sickening it took me forever to get through the rest of the album because they stayed on repeat SO much. It reminds me of when Timbo, Missy and Aaliyah first linked up and this has Syd talking about keeping her dirt on the low." "Don't let nobody know, let's keep it on the low/and as long as he don't know, long as she don't know/we'll lay back and play the game, and as long as he don't know, long as she don't/ain't no need to play safe." So if the question at hand is how dope is "Fin", it's really quite simple. If you like the Internet, then 9 times outta 10 you'll love "Fin." If you don't like The Internet, then 9 times outta 10 you won't like "Fin." But since I rock with the Internet, ya'll already know that I LOVE "Fin." It's just like Pharoah said, "this is not rocket science, this is easy to learn."

4 outta 5 mics

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