#TheCongregation: Episode 1

Posted On Monday, February 27, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday afternoon & was checking social media & came across this video on Jazzy Jeff's youtube page with him talking to Eric Roberson, Glenn Lewis, Tall Black Man, among others and the speech he gave got me so inspired that I immediately started tweeting & texting folk who I build with on all creative levels from making beats to writing scripts and everything else I do in between and I wanted all of us to get together the same way Jeff called everyone together to work on his Chasing Goosebumps album. I basically wanted  to build on the energy of having so many dope, creative folk in one room and also connecting dope folk to other dope folk. I figured we'd do it every last Saturday of the month to give everyone enough time to put it on the calendar with the wives and make sure the kids are good and before the day was over I came up with the hashtag #TheCongregation to give it a name. 

So for the first ep of our sessions, ya'll get some BTS footage of me & my wife working on some of her songs, me playing beats for JR, Jas, Theo & Korrey we take a break to chop it up about my thoughts on tithes & offerings and why I compare it to being rain made like on The Wire, why the church has to make folk feel more comfortable if they expect folk to be honest inside it's wall, marriage and why it's a balancing act, why my teens in the hood don't wanna get married because of what Uncle Phil did to Aunt Viv and why this new generation of kids are gonna be screwed in the future. But then it's right back to the lab with Theo and Jas playing some beats as well as me playing them some of the artists I'm working with like Jamal Gasol, Lukey D and Cash D! Trust, if you're into music and how it gets made or just wanna to be a fly on the wall while 5 black men sit around chopping it up about love, life and beats then best believe you'll dig the first ep of #TheCongregation!

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