Numbers On The Boards: Our NBA All Stars, Is Embbid The Best Big Man In The East & Who Do You Trust More...Antonio Brown or D'Angelo Russell?

Posted On Thursday, January 19, 2017

For this week's episode of me & Fish's sports podcast Numbers On The Boards, we're chopping it up about why John Wall is always on the outside looking in, our east & west all star starters, what Melo would look like in Celtics green, do the Sixers REALLY need Ben Simmons running the point, is Joell Embiid the dopest big man in the east, does D'Antoni deserve coach of the year so far, what the hell is wrong with the Knicks, what Phil Jackson and Sam Hinkie have in common, if you Sac Town's GM do you REALLY want Cousins back, our Super Bowl picks and we ask the question, who's worse Antonio Brown or D'Angelo Russell? Ya'll see it's a jam packed show so cool out and get your popcorn ready cause it's ANOTHER dope ep!

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