Sweet Sweet Soul Mixtape

Posted On Friday, December 16, 2016

The other day, my wife & I were chopping it up about who's been the dopest female singer since 1990. I told her I'm not talking about who's had the most hits or the biggest tours, etc. just straight up in down who can saaaaaang. She said Mariah and I said Chante Moore. SOOOOOOOOOO many folk front on Ms. Moore like her name is Ashanti or sumthin' but come on ya'll, you can't front on what shorty's voice can do. Have ya'll ever heard her sing live? Especially if she's freaking a Minnie Ripperton song? If not, then like Beans said "you not qualified" to have an opinion on Ms. Moore. But if you're one of those unqualified applicants,  bang out to my Sweet Sweet Soul mixtape like Phife said, not now but RIGHT NOW and come to the light!

Chante's Got A Man
Love's Taken Over
It's Alright
Candlelight and You
Listen To My Song
I'm What You Need
With You I'm Born Again
Wey You
Always Gonna Be Something
I'm Keeping You
Thank You For Loving Me
Give Me Time
Here We Go

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