Numbers On The Boards: What's The "TRUE" Definition of A Fan?

Posted On Wednesday, August 3, 2016

For the first video episode of my sports podcast Numbers On The Boards with my man Big Fish, we're chopping it up with my peoples Jas, BJ and my man Darnyle who is the President of Fan Relations for the ENTIRE sports world. So if you decide that you're a "fan" of a team, you would send your application to D and he'll either approve it or deny it. He's also in charge of hearing EVERY thought that you have (similar to Santa Claus) so if you even think you don't wanna rock with your team anymore, he'll hear it and deny your application. So, all of that to say that this week we're chopping it up about the TRUE definition of what a fan is, can you be a fan of more then one team, is there a different definition of a fan for the NFL vs. the NBA, how we were all raised on sports (that plays a HUGE part in what YOUR definition of what a fan is), what exactly is "jumping on the bandwagon", do you have to have the same dedication and commitment that you have for a sports team for MC's and singers and I ask the panel the important question, do you hold your friends who are out here cheating on their wives to the same standard that you hold someone who has more then one sports team? A long but a VERY dope ep ya'll! And don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube Channel!

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