Slick Rick The Ruler Mixtape

Posted On Friday, April 1, 2016

Slick Rick's legacy has always reminded me of Penny Hardaway's career. I say that because Penny was on the path to the hall and could've easily ended up being a top 10 player EVER but after he had that microfracture was a wrap. And the that's how I've always felt about Rick. Because if Rick never got locked for 6 years after his classic "The Great Adventures" dropped we'd all be talking about Rick in another light. But even though we didn't get to see the absolute best from one of the illest who's ever told us a story, peep my The Ruler mixtape and reminisce on just how DOOOOOOOPE Rick was. Salute!

I Shouldn't Have Done It
Mona Lisa
Children's Story (Remix)
Street Talk
The Show
Sittin' In The Car
Lick The Balls
Behind Bars
It's A Boy (Remix)
It Was The Moment I Feared
La Di Da Di
Hey Young World
Teenage Love

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