Busta Rhymes The Mighty Infamous Mixtape

Posted On Friday, May 29, 2020

For some strange, weird, outta this world reason, throughout all my years of chopping it up about hip hop I've NEVER heard Busta Rhyme's name brought up when cats are talking about dope MC's. And I'm not even talking those top 5 dead or alive lists. I'm talking about bare basic lists when cats are just naming dope MC's who have come through the game. And when I tell ya'll that there aren't enough words in the english vocabulary to describe just how much of a disservice that is to one of the dopest MC's who ever picked up a mic...there really aren't. Come on ya'll...this dude basically ANNIHILATED/BODIED two of the dopest posse cuts in the history of hip hop with Tribe's "Scenario" and Craig Mac's "Flava In Ya Ear" and that don't count for nuthin? Then this dude is one of the very few MC's who has switched his style numerous times throughout his career (peep how he switched styles from his early Leaders stuff and his solo debut "The Coming" for "Put Your Eyes Where My Hands Can See." Which STILL bangs some 20+ years later BTW) and that don't count? And not for nuthin this dude has dropped 3-4 VERY dope albums AND giving us certified anthems with "Touch It" and "New York Shit" and ya'll still at mentioning my dude's name when ya'll are talking about dope MC's? Word? Well bang out to my "Busta Rhymes The Mighty Infamous" mixtape and learn to tell the truth and shame the devil cause ya'll mofos are buggin out word to Phife...for real!

Another Case of The PTA
Thank You feat. Q Tip
Sobb Story
Touch It
New York Shit
Where My Eyes Can See
Abandon Ship
You Can't Hold A Torch
Ill Vibe
Woo Hah
Get Out
Tear The Roof
Been Through The Storm
So Hardcore
It's A Party
Get You Some
Taking Off
Show Me What You Got
Everything Remains Raw
Pass The Courvoisier Part 2

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