Numbers On The Boards: Why NCAA Hoops Is Just Like The Wire & Why Oscar Robertson's Theory Applies To Hip Hop

Posted On Wednesday, March 2, 2016

For this week's episode of me & Fish's sports podcast Numbers On The Boards, we're chopping it up about why Steph Curry aka Weebay's performance in last week's OKC game was like hearing The Bridge Is Over, Eric B Is President and Peter Piper for the first time, why Golden State owns OKC, why me & Fish don't want KD in a Warriors uni next year, why Oscar Robertson's comments last week on coaches not being the smartest apples on the tree is kinda true and why his comments applies to modern day hip hop as well. I also break down why the NCAA has closed the doors on "Hamsterdam", why Rick Pittino isn't cut from the same cloth as Frank White and Marlo, why he should be fired, our predictions for championship week and why if Grayson Allen trips one more black player he's kinda find out first hand that Black Lives Matter! ANOTHER dope ep ya'll!

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