Numbers On The Boards: Did Steph Let Klay Win, Why Kanye Needs Mental Help & Where's The Guy Code In Sports Anymore?

Posted On Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Niggaz running a race, just to settle for Solange" - Pusha T

For the newest episode of me & Fish's sports podcast Numbers On The Boards, we're chopping it up about the NBA All Star weekend, did Steph let Klay win the 3 point shoot out, was the dunk contest the best one EVER, why the game was so boring, what trades need to go down before the deadline, why Kendrick's never getting an invite back to the Grammy's, why Kanye needs some serious mental help, our all time starting 5 for our favorite college squads, where's the guy code in sports anymore with dudes like Derrick Fisher & Collin Kaepernick running around and why a Pusha T quote sums up my thoughts on the NBA season if you're not Steph Curry & the Golden State Warriors. We got a packed show for ya'll and trust, it's ANOTHER dope ep!

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