Numbers On The Boards: Why I Compare K Dot & J Cole to the Splash Brothers and Is Ben Simmons Really THAT Good?

Posted On Friday, January 29, 2016

For the newest episode of me & Fish's sports podcast Numbers On The Boards, we're chopping it up about why does white america hate black folk THAT much that they're really trippin' off Cam dancing and giving footballs to little kids, why Cam will be the bad black guy who stops Peyton Manning from riding off into the sunset with his 2nd super bowl, our thoughts on what REALLY went down with Blake Griffin and that Clippers equipment manager, did the coaches get it right with the all star reserves right, how the hip hop community feels about Kendrick's 11 grammy nods, why I compare K Dot & J Cole to the Splash Brothers and is Ben Simmons rally THAT good or is college basketball really THAT bad? ANOTHER dope ep ya'll!

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