Jersey's Finest Mixtape

Posted On Friday, November 3, 2023

The first time I heard Red's name was when my old head Walt came on the block and was telling me & my crew that EPMD just signed some cat outta Jersey. And to this day I remember EXACTLY what my response was. My dumb ass said, "dude can't be better then Das." (keep in mind that at this time Das EFX was the dopest thing in hip hop) And Walt gave me this look like "trust me, he's WAY better then Das." And Walt damn sure wasn't lying when he said that. So for anybody who doesn't know just how nice Jersey's finest is, peep this mixtape and do the knowledge on one of the dopest MC's EVER!

Time 4 Sum Aksion
The Rockwilder
Rated R
Blow Your Mind
Pick It Up
Tonight's The Night (Remix)
Jam 4 U
It's Like That
Sooperman Lover
How To Roll A Blunt
How High
Tonight's The Night
A Million And One Buddah Spots
Whateva Man
Smoke Buddah
Can't Wait
Watch Ya Nuggets

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