Numbers On The Boards Podcast: DeMarco Not Happy In Philly, Is Hinkie Audi 5000 & Just How DOPE Is Creed?

Posted On Monday, December 14, 2015

Cats who know me know I LOVE hoops! And if you would've asked me about 5 years ago, college hoops was my favorite sports hands down. But with the destruction of the Big East (I'm a Uconn dude) and all these one & dones the NBA has crept it's way back in as my fave sport. I'm not a HUGE football dude but do I love the sport so whenever I have a football question, I always hit up my dude Fish for his thoughts cause I know this dude KNOWS his ish! So, usually about twice a month, me & this dude talk sports and life and after our last convo I was like "we gotta start a podcast" so here it is. The premier episode of our new sports podcast named after one of my fave Pusha T songs "Numbers On The Boards!" Prayerfully ya'll dig me & the bul chopping it up about a lil bit of everything, disagreeing about damn near anything, schooling each other and basically sounding like two 41 year olds who love sports, music and life.

For the first episode, we're chopping it up about DeMarco Murray's displeasure on the way he's being used in Chip Kelly's offense, will my Christmas wish get answered of Chip being Fired by year's end, does Jerry Colangelo's hiring with the Sixers spell the exit for Sam Hinkie, why I compare what the Golden State Warriors are doing right now to when Illmatic dropped in '94, how the flick Creed is SOOOOO Philly and how Fish feels about his coaching his 12 year old son in football with all of this concussion hoopla going on! Trust, give us a spin in your podcast rotation & you won't be disappointed! 

Plus grab a FREE mixtape with a 'lil bit of everything I bang to salute us on our first show!

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