Numbers On The Boards: The Eagles Miss The Playoffs AGAIN And Why Stephon Marbury Was The NBA's Michael Jackson

Posted On Tuesday, December 29, 2015

For this week's episode of my new sports podcast with my ace, pal and partner Fish, we're chopping it up about the Eagles missing the playoffs AGAIN, The Warriors beating a FULLY healthy Cavaliers squad Christmas day, why DJ's are making SO much freaking money nowadays, why there have been SO Many Upsets in college basketball early on, why I compare these new school NBA players to these new school MC's, Stephon Marbury's museum in China, Will Smith's new movie Concussion, the My Player mode on NBA 2K16 and I break down why Stephon Marbury & Allen Iverson were like Jay Z and Biggie of the league when they both got drafted in '96 and why Marbury was the NBA's version of Michael Jackson. ANOTHER dope ep ya'll!

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