Pete Rock Soul Brother Number 1 Mixtape

Posted On Friday, July 16, 2021

I was in the barber shop the other day & this dude had the audacity to tell me that "Pete Rock was cool back in the 90's but dude ain't put out no heat in a minute." Now I'm looking at dude with the screw face like "money, you talking REAL reckless & sounding REAL stupid right about now. I'm like, what about the heater he laced Kurupt with? Or what about that "RAGU" jawn he laced Rae & Ghost with? Or what about that "No Uniform" insanity he laced Camp Lo & M.O.P. with? Or the BANGERS he laced Smif n Wessun with?" And dude looking at me like "Pete got jawns with Smif n Wessun and Camp Lo?" See, money didn't even know any better so I couldn't even get mad at dude but ya'll know me, if you don't know sumthin' about my culture then I gotta school you. So bang out to my "Pete Rock Soul Brother #1" mixtape saluting bangers Pete's been cooking up from '97 to present day and then try to form ya'll mouth to say sumthin' stupid like Pete ain't hittin no more. Salute.

That's Hard - Smif n Wessun
914 - The Lox
R.A.G.U. - Ghostface feat. Raekwon
We Roll - Jim Jones
Soul Brother #1 - Pete Rock
Headrush - GZA & RZA
Tru Master - Pete Rock feat. Kurrupt & Inspactah Deck
It's A Love Thing - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Appreciate - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Da Two - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
No Uniforms - Camp Lo feat. MOP
The PJ's - Raekwon & Master Killa
The Questions - Royal Flush
Sonny's Missing - Raekwon
Yessssir - Kurrupt
That Raw - Torae
Monumental - Smif n Wessun
Strange Fruit - Tragedy Khadafi, Capadonna & Sticky Fingaz
Megan Goode - Camp Lo
War Zone - Dead Prez
Clean Getaway - Camp Lo
The Game - Raekwon, Prodigy & Ghostface


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