Live From The Writer's Bench: How Illmatic Ruined Hip Hop...Yeah, It Did

Posted On Sunday, October 4, 2015

Check out the newest episode of The Writer's Bench where we're chopping it up about how Nas' "Illmatic" ruined hip hop because it gave the blueprint that an artist can work with multiple producers instead of just one, why when there's a dope connection between an artist and a producer do the artist always end up leaving to work with other producers (even tho history has proven it never works), what does "maturing" in hip hop mean to you and what artist/producer combo would you wanna see reunite. ANOTHER dope ep ya'll!

And for folk who prefer to listen on the go, you can stream it below. Also, check out some of our other episodes on our You Tube Channel and subscribe!

1 comment

  1. Dope intro. I look forward to the intro as much as the episode.


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