Minister of Rock 'n' Roll Mixtape

Posted On Friday, September 4, 2015

The story I'm about to tell happens a MILLION times and I'm pretty sure it'll keep happening 'til the world ends. Somebody always gets into my car expecting to hear some boom bap hip hop blasting and when they get in and hear Kirk Franklin, The Isleys, Sneaker Pimps, Duran Duran, etc. they're floored and they can't believe that not only do I listen to more then hip hop but that I listen to "white" music. Now, that one always bugs me out cause I swear blacks invented rock 'n' roll but neither here nor there. So, the artist this go round was Mr. Lenny Kravitz. Now, with Lenny I'm a little thrown off because I thought EVERYBODY who knew me, knew I rocked with Lenny but I guess not. Let's start from the beginning at the top of the list, I first got put onto Lenny back in '90 when I was in 10th grade and was running with my dude Sean who was 4 years older then me so he was on some whole other ish. And what I mean by that is when you walked in Sean's crib who knew what you were gonna hear. Maybe the Jungle Brothers, the Isley Brothers, Public Enemy or maybe some Lenny Kravitz. The album that was out at the time was Lenny's "Mama Said" (which happens to be one of my top 10 albums of ALL time) which was his open love letter trying to get Lisa Bonet back after creeping with Madonna. Now,  I could go on and on and on about how BANANAS "Mama Said" is but ya'll need to go ahead and do the knowledge on that jawn yourself. And ever since I heard "Mama Said" it's been a rap, I've been all in with Lenny. And for the cats out there who front on Lenny, riddle me another artist that dropped in '89 and is still killing the game 16 years later...yeah, I'll wait. But while ya'll are racking your brains trying to name somebody, bang out to my "Minister of Rock 'n' Roll" mixtape saluting one of the illest EVER!

Are You Going My Way?
Stop Dragging Around
Liquid Jesus
It's Your Life
Super Love
Come On Get It
I Belong To You
Always On The Run
American Woman
Thinking of You
Come On Love Me
Fly Away
Minister of Rock n Roll
Rock Star City Life
I'm A Believer
Where Are We Running

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