Beats By Dre Mixtape

Posted On Friday, October 20, 2023

Since everything 'round these parts for the past week has been all about Compton, there's no better way to end the week then with my Beats By Dre mix saluting the good Dr. with some of my favorite Dre produced bangers on tap!
100 Miles & Running - NWA
Straight Outta Compton - NWA
Real Niggaz - NWA
Gangsta Gangsta (Remix) - NWA
Express Yourself (Remix) - NWA
Deep Cover - Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dog
Gin & Juice - Snoop Dog
Nuthin But A G Thang - Dr. Dre featuring Snoop
Mind Blowing - DOC
Doggy Dog World - Snoop
Niggaz 4 Life - NWA
B&%ches Ain't Sh$t - Dr. Dre feat. Snoop
The Formula - DOC
Let Me Ride - Dr. Dre
Real Niggaz Don't Die - NWA
Stranded On Death Row - Dre
Gz & The Hustlas - Snoop
Funky Enough - DOC
Always Into Something - NWA
For All My Niggaz & Bi$ches - Snoop
DOC & The Doctor - DOC
F&$k The Police - NWA

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