Live From the Writer's Bench: Who's The Dopest Hip Hop Group EVER?!?!?!?!?

Posted On Sunday, July 5, 2015

Last week, I posted this piece I wrote about why Outkast is the best group EVER on Twitter and cats got at me like "the best ever, EVER?" And I was like "yup...EVER!" And since who's the dopest hip hop group has always be an on going debate since the beginning of time, I decided to come up with a March Madness style bracket with 64 hip hop groups all ranked based off their discography, classic album, lyrics, beats, impact, etc. from #1 to #16 in the four "regions." Now, just like on selection sunday, there are some groups that didn't make the cut and bet money that cats will have a problem with where their favorite squad is ranked but it is what it is. Also, keep in mind that this is all about the DOPEST hip hop group ever not your FAVORITE group and ever and there's a BIG difference between the two. But download a copy of the bracket and tear it up and to see who comes out on your end and check out the newest episode of Live From the Writer's Bench with my peoples Nick and Gregg chopping it up with us to see who comes out on top with the chip. A REAL dope ep ya'll! 

And for folk who prefer to listen on the go, you can stream it below. Also, check out some of our other episodes on our You Tube Channel and subscribe!


  1. I think it's incredible not to put Wu-Tang Clan as group on the picture.

    1. I agree with you marioka. wu is still a group but i understand what the cats was saying.


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