Book of Rhymes: Pines

Posted On Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Science fiction is easily my favorite genre of books, movies and TV shows. Trust, I love a dope gangsta flick and even a good Fast & Furious action flick but give me something dope on some ole Twilight Zone ish and I'm good to go. In fact, after The Wire the Twilight Zone is my 2nd favorite TV show EVER! The highlight of every New Year's Eve for me ever since I was in 7th grade was The Twilight Zone marathon. And the crazy thing is after watching this marathon for over 29 years I STILL see episodes that I've never seen before which I have absolutely no idea how that's possible. I honestly think they're making new episodes now and throwing them in the marathon mix every year just to mess with us. But all of that to say I science fiction is my ish. So when I saw the trailer for this new Fox TV show that was about to drop called "Wayward Pines" about a dude waking up in a town outta nowhere and trying to figure out how the hell he got there, I was all in. And after watching the first ep and word got to ear that this show was based on a book by this cat Blake Crouch, the book got copped quick, fast and in a hurry.

Now, just like with any movie or TV show that's based off a book, ya'll should already know that the number one rule is it's not gonna be as dope as the book. So even if you're caught up with the television series, just dead all of that and get into the first book of the "Wayward Pines" trilogy "Pines." "Pines" is followed by "Wayward" and the series caps off with "The Last Town." The story deals with Secret Service agent Ethan Burke coming to Wayward Pines to find two missing federal agents. But as soon as he steps foot in the town, he's in an car accident and when he wakes up in the hospital he doesn't have his ID or cell phone. And the more he pokes around town looking for the missing agents everything about the town seems bugged. He can't get in touch with his wife or his supervisor at work or anybody in the outside world and everyone in the town of Wayward Pines seems like a bunch of looney tunes. When Ethan finally gets fed up with the town he breaks into a car to try to roll out but the road he takes circles him right back to town. Not to mention there's the question of why is there a 40 foot electrical fence that's surrounds the town. And after all of that hoopla, you've got an entire who done it storyline going on too. I'll tell you this, "Pines" is so dope that I got through it in two days. And for me to get through a book in 2 days that says a lot cause that meant I had to put finishing mixes, blogging, making beats, writing scripts, playing 2K and the other million things I do on a daily basis on hold and I seldomly EVER do that. At the end of the day, I'm not that spoiler type dude cause I don't wanna ruin anything for ya'll but I'll tell you this, if you're a Twilight Zone junkie like I am, then you can bet money that you'll dig the ill trilogy of Wayward Pines.

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