Hoop Dreams: Are You Not Entertained?

Posted On Thursday, June 11, 2015

I hate LeBron James. You know what? Hold tight...cause I'm always telling my teens to choose their words carefully so let me rephrase that, I dislike LeBron James. Why? For probably the pettiest reason in the world. See, back in Game 4 durin the '11 Finals, Dirk was sick but came through for the Mavs to tie the series. The next day, there was footage of DWade & Bron walking through the arena and both of 'em were coughing making fun of Dirk trying to imply that he wasn't really sick. Then later on some reporters asked them about it and these two b-tched up and told them they were just trying to clear their throats. See, that right there did it for me. Instead of just saying, "yeah we were just messing with Dirk" these dudes coped a plea like two nut ass niggaz. And I don't rock with nut ass niggaz. So from that moment on, DWade & Bron were on my sh-t list. Told ya'll it was petty.

But even before Bron was on my sh-t list, I wasn't rooting for dude. See, I saw Bron hoop in person back when me & my dude Jas went up to Philly to see his Saint Vincent squad go up against Philly's Strawberry Mansion squad and my dude Maureece Rice and we had a ball up in the Palestra! Not only was the crowd bananas but we had court side seats and on top of that Reece & Bron put on a show! And me being from Philly there was ABSOLUTELY no way I'm gonna be in Philly and root against someone born & bred from my city! I didn't care if dude was the chosen one, walking on water or whatever! I'm rooting for Reece to KILL this dude! So, that was the beginning of me rooting against LeBron. Now, back in the days when Queens was mobb deep in Miami with Skip & Odom and Wade was a rookie I was a big time Heat fan (Skip was my dude, I was even a Magic fan for a minute when he hooped for them & help get them to the chip game) so when the Heat got LeBron that was the closest I'd ever gotten to being a LeBron fan. But to be honest, it was more like being a fan of dude by default.

Plus, I think I have this underdog complex that literally prevents me from rooting for whoever is "the best." See, I started watching hoops back in '88, the Lakers were playing the Pistons for the chip and since everybody in my hood and in the world seemed to be rooting for Magic & the Lakers, I decided I was gonna root for the Pistons and the short dude who handled the pill for them. So from the door, I didn't rock with the best player who at the time was Magic Johnson. And of course since I was a Bad Boy for life, ya'll already know I HATED Mike and those Bulls squads. And from the very second I saw Kobe, I HATED dude too, so when the Lakers started winning chips it was nuthin' for me to hate them too. Hell, I hated the Lakers since '88 so that was nothing new.  But then one day I was chopping it up with my dude Driz Lo and after I explained to him my hatred for all of the best players, he told me that I needed to be a fan of the game, not just the players. What did he mean by that? Well, if I didn't rock with these dudes who were the best, I never watched them hoop unless they were playing one of my squads and since that's how I got down, I missed out on a lot of classic moments that I can't get back. And from peeping the mistake that I made for over 20+ years, I decided that I'm not falling for that banana in the tailpipe a 3rd time with Bron cause what this dude is doing right now...in these NBA Finals is nothing short of greatness on a level I've never seen!

It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to know that since I "dislike" Bron, that I was rooting for the Warriors to win the chip this year. And trust and believe, I still am. But after the Cavs won game 3, something crazy happened. Usually when my squad loses, I don't watch ESPN for the next 36 hours cause I don't wanna hear nuthin from nobody. But for some strange reason, I not only wanted to watch sport center AND NBA TV but I actually wanted to hear from Bron! I mean, I had to know how the hell this dude was doing this! And by "this" I mean, taking two ex-Knicks, two dudes who's name that I can't pronounce a RACK of old heads and coaching the game and beating the NBA's best team who happens to have two all stars and the NBA's best shooter EVER! Most folk were talking that gentlemen sweep after Kyrie went down but I knew it wasn't gonna be sweet like that cause during game 1, I saw this look in Bron's eyes that was on some old school Umass "refuse to lose" type ish. And the crazy thing is, I TRULY believe Bron believes he can beat these dudes. But what's even crazier is, I won't even be mad if he does. Cause if Bron can pull this coup off, this dude will be doing something that's never been done before. And if that's the case, I don't care how much I don't like LeBron James, even I can't front on that.

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