Speaking In Tongues Mixtape

Posted On Friday, March 11, 2022

One of my dopest things that the 90's aka the golden years of hip hop gave us were all of the clans, posses, crews & clicks that we got. I mean, we had The Hit Squad, Wu Tang Clan, the Boot Camp Click, etc. and you're not getting much better then some of those dudes I just named. But one of my favorite crews that the 90's gave us was The Native Tongues. Just mentioning the names the Jungle Brothers, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest is enough to put them in the top 3 of any and all hip hop crews. And then when you throw in Latifah in her hey day, (her hey day being "All Hail The Queen") and Black Sheep into line up there's absolutely no way you can front, sleep, pass them by or whatever cause you're not gonna a crew much doper then them. So, check out my "Speaking In Tongues" mix to help jog your memory on just how dope the Native Tongues were. Salute.

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