The Promo: PRhyme's Courtesy Remix (Produced by Kil)

Posted On Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One thing I never got into the whole grabbing acapellas from artists and putting my beats over them like that whole black, blue, green, grey, brown album hoopla back in the day. Not saying that anything was wrong with those projects, it just was never my thing. But then the other day I came across the acapella for my favorite PRhyme banger "Courtesy" and for the first time in my life I felt like Ramo's dude in "Beat Street" when he was like "it's a white train...we gotta." And I also believe in everything happens for a reason and the night before I got the acapella, I made this beat that just happened to be the exact same tempo, so it only made sense to finally try the whole "remix" thing. And then I figured why just throw it up on soundcloud and call it a day? Let me throw the remix over the video to give cats a dope visual with it too. So, peep the video (it only has the 1st verse tho) and then check soundcloud to peep the entire song. I think the finished product came out dope but what ya'll think?

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