Hyped Up By Hurb The Supa Def Produsa Mixtape

Posted On Friday, October 28, 2022

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan do cats sleep on Hurby Luv Bug! This dude has always been one on the most slept on producers in the game in my opinion. I personally always called Hurby the best producer of "PG Hip Hop." Now, what exactly is PG Hip Hop? It's exactly what it sounds like...good ole fashioned clean hip hop that you'd want your teenagers listening to. I mean, look at his crew...Salt n Pepa, Kid n Play, Dana Dane, Kwame and Sweet Tee. You don't get too much more PG then that. But the dopest thing about Hurb to me was even though he had the PG hip hop crew, you could NEVER front on those beats. Yeah, I wasn't a big "Push It" fan (outside of the video that is) but for every "Push It" & "Let's Talk About Sex" he also had bangers like "Getting Funky", "Do This My Way", Antoinette's "I Got An Attitude" and Kwame's "The Rhythm" on tap. So if ya'll wanna remember Hurb for those 90's Salt n Pepa songs, that's on ya'll. But as for me, I'm gonna remember dude for that first Salt n Pepa album (which is a who's who of breakbeats), Kid 'n' Play's "2 Hype" album,  Kwame's "Boy Genius" album, Sweet Tee's "It's Tee Time" album and that "Dana Dane With Fame" album cause that's the Hurb I remember. Salute.

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