Secret Wars: Postal

Posted On Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The best way to break down what Image's newest comic on deck "Postal" is about is to take you back to the 3rd season of the best television show EVER, The Wire. Now, for folk who have never seen The Wire...kill yourself. And for everyone else with some type of common sense, then you already know that season 3 is known for "Hamsterdam." An area of the west side that Major Bunny Colvin basically gave to drug dealers where he granted them immunity from any type of arrest as long as they only sold drugs in Hamsterdam and as long as there wasn't any violence. Welp, you knew that wasn't gonna last long with a bunch of drug dealers and when a dead body shows up in Hamsterdam everything goes to hell. 

That right there, is exactly what Postal is about...but with different characters and it's not set on the west side of Baltimore. This go round, the story is set in Eden, Wyoming and instead of free zones to deal drugs, this entire town is made up of fugitive criminals waiting for new identities. But while they're here, there is zero tolerance for any kind of illegal business so that no heat comes down on this slept on town. Even though the FBI knows about the town and is trying to turn somebody in the town to get a mole on the inside. You could only imagine the cast of characters that you'd have with a town full of criminals who can't do anything illegal but the two main characters are Mark and Maggie. Mark runs the town's post office and Maggie is a waitress at the town's diner. Now, just like with Hamsterdam, everything was all good in this "quiet" little town til a dead body turns up. And then everything starts to got to hell quick, fast and in a hurry. Now, what does going to hell look like in Wyoming vs. Baltimore? Let's just say there's gonna be a lot more violence then Bodie & the Barksdale crew ran into in Hamsterdam cause hell is realy coming to Eden. 

I'm only two issues in but so far I dig it. I mos def think it's a dope concept, which is what got me to pick in up in the first place but what I really dig is the fact that the main character Mark has asperger's syndrome. Now, this is real close to my heart because my god son has asperger's and I think it's REAL dope that Image would tackle this subject. Throughout the comic Mark explains to you how asperger affects him on a day to day basis and what he has to do to deal with it. Image even gives a detailed definition and history of asperbeger which I thought was real dope. Another thing that's dope, is at the end of both issues you get to peep the FBI's case files on all of the characters so you get to see what crimes everyone has committed and what the FBI has on them. I've never rocked with Image Comics before but it looks like that's about to change cause they've got something real ill on their hands with Postal, for real.

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