Live From the Writer's Bench: What Made Illmatic & Other Albums Classics...the Beats or the Rhymes?

Posted On Sunday, March 8, 2015

For this week's episode of The Writer's Bench I name over 20 classic hip hop albums for the team and cats have to pick what made them classics...the beats or the rhymes? ANOTHER dope ep ya'll! 

And for folk who prefer to listen on the go, you can stream it below. Also, check out some of our other episodes on our You Tube Channel and subscribe!


  1. Real rap, great topic. Nice lead in with Cube's AMW. However, I feel y'all are chopping it up on projects from the concept album era. So I believe the concept drove the pick of the tracks, and the lyrics were crafted to the tracks. Just my $0.02 tho... lemme get back to listening.

  2. I need to hear this!! Cuz for me a classic is the combination of both! However, I think it depends on the artist if I had to chose one. Cuz I didnt listen to Tribe for lyrics, I listened for beats...I listened to Nas for lyrics not beats...Both had classic albums.


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