Secret Wars: Superior Iron Man

Posted On Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One of the reasons it was hard for me to jump back into comics after I fell off some 20 years ago was because all of the titles they got for one character. I mean, is it against comic law to have just ONE Batman and one Spiderman title? I mean, you got the Amazing Spider-Man, the Superior Spider-Man, The Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2020, etc. Then you've got Batman, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Batman '66, etc. Even now with me back in the comic game it still gets confusing. To the point that most time I'll give each title a run and whichever one catches my attention is the one I rock with. With all of that said, I just jumped into this new Ironman series The Superior Ironman. (Is Marvel slipping that bad that now every hero is gonna get a "superior title?) first let me say that I was already knee deep in the regular Ironman series but there's always something about coming in on the ground floor of a new title so I don't have to play catch up. 

This series sets off with a Tony Starks that's a 'lil thrown off because of a rumble with the Red Skull where his personality got screwed up and now we've got a darker Tonk Starks in the game. (like he wasn't dark enough as is) So, in a nutshell Tony's not playing with a full deck. Now from the door, I feel some kinda way because I've never been a big Iron Man fan but I've always rocked with Tony Starks. Now how is that possible? Well, I never really thought a dude hopping in a suit of armor was that dope but a dude who jumps in a suit of armor who happens to be a womanizing, drunk, asshole does intrigue me, make sense now? So first things first, you're messing with the basic make up on why I rock with Tony Starks in the first place. But the good news is that even with his mind fried, he's still a womanizing, drunk, asshole which at least kept me reading through the first issue. The other thing that was dope about the primo issue is that his new Ironman suit is a symbiotic. And for REAL comic heads that can take it ALL the way back to the 80's with the original Secret Wars series know all know what symbiotic suits bring to the game. And did I forget to mention that Tony's the new drug dealer on the block? Yeah, Tony's selling a drug called Extremis 3.0 that makes you feel better about everything in your life but when the high wears off your life goes back to being the worst...sounds like crack to me. And then Tony pulls a Marlo on the west side of San Fran and gives the city a free trial of Extremis but after that free trial you gotta come outta pocket with a $100 a day which instantly creates a city of the have and have nots times 100. So even though I'm already 20+ issues into this other Iron Man series (which really only keeps my attention because of finding out the real origin of Tony Starks) there's a couple of things from this first issue to spark my interest (namely Tony being a bigger asshole and the fact that dude is a drug dealer) enough to keep me checking for this Superior Ironman series too.

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