Secret Wars: The Flash

Posted On Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is there really another super hero more boring then the Flash? I mean...I know there are because Green Arrow and Green Lantern INSTANTLY come to mind but Flash is right there with both of 'em. I've said it once and I'll say it again, a super hero is only as dope as the villans he's runbling against. And since I couldn't name anyone the Flash has ever rumbled...yeah, that puts Flash kinda low on my totem pole of dope super hereos. So, I bet ya'll could only imagine how hype I was when I found out the CW had a Flash series coming out. But the bugged thing is, that Green Arrow is one of the reasons I actually checked out the first ep of the series. See, one Sunday I was bored as hell and checked out one ep of Green Arrow on Netflix and one ep turned into two and two turned into three til I got through the whole season. Yeah, the show's corny but I expected that but it's nowhere as bad as I thought it would be so I figured, what the hell, I'll give the Flash a shot too and you know what? It ain't that bad either. I'm only 3 eps in but it's good enough to not only get a coveted place on my DVR's recording list but to get me to go back and dig out DC New 52 Flash series. Now, the comic KINDA mirrors the TV series with the villans but while the TV series deals with the origin of The Flash with the comic you're already all in. And even though the villans are still wack the underlying storyline deals with Flash learning that he can use his mind to move just as fast as his body. So now he realizes he can see things before they happen so now he can be one step ahead of everything and everybody. Not to mention he can run on water, create vortexes, be invisible and actually vibrate though solid objects. The problem? Well, he's going so fast he's starting to tear apart the fabric of space and time and is basically destroying the world. So what's the bul gonna do? Stop running? Welp, you gotta dig into the series to find that one out...

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