The Ummah Mixtape

Posted On Friday, November 23, 2018

Last week, my man Osi got at me on twitter about putting together a best of the Ummah mix. The bugged thing was, most times when folk get at me about a mix, I usually already have one on tap. Which made me question, why don't I have an Ummah mix? And the short answer is I always looked at Dilla as The Ummah, so with the millions and millions of Dilla Mixes I got on tap should cover an Ummah mix. But I donn't wanna discredit Tip & Ali from the work they've put in with The Ummah and after diggin' around I came across a couple of jawns I didn't have on those Dilla mixes. So with that said, check out my best of The Ummah mix! #Salute

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