What Part of The Game Is That?!?!?! - Black Jesus

Posted On Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Here we go again..." - Chuck D

Aaaaaaaand we're back. I'm really starting to bug out over this crazed obsession everybody from rapers to now cartoonists have for Jesus. I mean, what is it? I mean, I know nowaday niggas LOVE their ciroc, so is it the turning water to wine thing? Or maybe the way cats flock to South Beach in droves, it's the walking on water thing. I don't know what it is but this stuff is getting tiring ya'll. We already went through the Game's hoopla with his album cover for "Jesus Piece" and then we had Mr. Kardashian masterpiece of minimilism "Yeezus." So, I actually thought after those two incidents that I'd have at least another year or two before I had to see more B.S. dealing with Jesus' image but why would I actually think that? Next up we had Ab Soul's mixtape "These Days" where he portrays himself as Jesus on the cover with the cross in the background and now outta left field we got my dude (well, he WAS my dude) Aaron McGruder of Boondocks fame with his new series on tap on Adult Swim called "Black Jesus" which depict Jesus chillin' in South Central in present day. Now, anybody who knows me knows I give EVERYBODY the benefit of the doubt, so at first I'm thinking that money could freak this in a way to show how Jesus' love is needed nowadays in the hood and how cats should get their lives straight...yeah right. Now, why in the world would I think that? Just the hopeful fool in me I guess. I mean, I know cats will dress up like Jesus for album covers and even name their wack albums after him but who REALLY would have the balls to do a series and make a spoof outta Jesus? I mean, who REALLY has the balls to do that?

Welp, Aaron McGruder obviously does. I mean, what's wrong with this dude? He must wanna get that express train to hell or sumthin could dude has actually lost it. You've got Jesus passing out 40's to dudes in the hood....40's?!?!?? I didn't even know they still made 40's. You've got Jesus asking folk if they have any f-cking faith? Really? Jesus telling dude in the hood that they get money f-cking with him and then asking them that they do realized he died for their mother f-cking sins...wow. This dude must REALLY be mad at God that he got jacked for his Boondocks series cause he's REALLY buggin' out. Now, I haven't heard McGruder make any comments about the show. Maybe he'll cop a plea on some ole "the show isn't about the REAL Jesus, it's about a dude from the hood who's just acting like Jesus." And if he plays that card, my question is simply then why name it "Black Jesus?" Why not flip it like you've got a pastor in the hood trying to get folk to act right? Well, he wouldn't do that cause that would be too boring and too much like right...and you know nowaday niggaz don't like doing right. Plus, there's no controversy about a pastor in the hood trying to do right but there's a RACK of controversy about a black Jesus who's curses and passes out 40's in the hood. And I learned first hand back in '89 with N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton" that any kinda controversy, whether good or bad is always a good thing whether you're selling records or trying to get folk to watch you're newest wack TV show. 

"I'm more Malcolm then Martin..." - Big Boi

That line right there pretty much sums up why stuff like "Black Jesus" and "Yeezus" is allowed to happen. See, muslims don't play that hoopla, never had never will. Where as christians, we're the turn the other cheek folk. And anybody who came up in the hood knows that the person who "turns the other cheek" is the person who always gets stole on. And THAT'S why stuff like this goes down, cause us christians turn the other cheek. Yeah, we'll boycott and we're some marching folk but as far as REALLY shutting stuff like this down...naw, that ain't us. But like I said before, there's never been an "Allahzus" album titled or no negative portrayals of Allah cause even though nowaday niggaz are dumb...they're just not THAT dumb. So my challenge to any rapper, athlete, cartoonist, stripper, drug dealer, nurses assistant, etc. is before you let my savior's name come out your mouth wrong again, I dare you...I mean, I double dog dare you to say sumthin disrespectful about Allah first. I mean, since you've got the balls to talk trash about my savior, why not dis other folk's god too? In fact, why don't you do it right now...during Ramandan? Please...pretty please...pretty, pretty please. But until that mystical, magical, majestical day happens (which it won't)...do me this justice and leave Jesus' name out ya mouth...for real.

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