J Dilla's Love Is Mixtape

Posted On Friday, June 2, 2023

So my dude Dilla (who's the dopest producer EVER in my eyes...yup, Dilla finally knocked Primo out the box for that #1 spot) is getting his MPC 3000 and Moog keyboard inducted into the new African American Smithsonian huh? To be honest, I NEVER thought sumthin' like that would happen but I guess the powers that be are trying to finally get things right. Now, if you come through here on the norm then there's absolutely no reason that I've got to explain exactly how DOPE and important this is not only for hip hop but for the legacy of Dilla. Cause trust, when the average Joe comes through the Smithsonian to peep the new museum and knows absolutely nuthin about the GREAT Mr. Yancy, because of this exhibit he will mos def find out. And there's absolutely no way I could let sumthin this ill go down without celebrating. So come through & grab my 2 CD mixtape "Love Is" and bang out with over 2 hours of Dilla Dawg doing what he does best. BTW, I picked this flick of him and his daughter as the cover cause this flick always said "love" to me so it went right in line with the name of the mixtape. Salute to the best who EVER did it!
Tracklisting Disc 1:
Hold Tight - Slum Village
The Light - Common
Get This Money - Slum Village
Move - Q Tip
Lightworks - Dilla
Thelonious - Common
Make 'Em NV - Dilla
Dynamite - The Roots
Reminisce - Bilal
Find A Way - Tribe Called Quest
Runnin - Pharcyde
Can't You See - Dilla
Are You Ready? - Jazzy Jeff feat. Slum Village
Players - Slum Village
She Said (Remix) - Pharcyde
Can't Stop This - The Roots
Much More - De La Soul
Dooinit - Common
Little Brother - BlackStar
The Rhyme (Remix) - Keith Murray
Stakes Is High - De La Soul
10 Bricks - Raekwon

Tracklisting Disc 2:
Workinonit - The Roots
Get A Hold - Tribe Called Quest
Climax - Slum Village
Brazilian Groove - Dilla
Funky For You - Common
Contant Gardens - Slum Village
Two Can Win - Dilla
Look of Love - Slum Village
It's Your World - Common
So Far To Go - Common
Glamour 75 - Dilla
I Don't Know - Slum Village
Beej N Dem - Slum Village
Yesterday - Dilla
Ason Jones - Raekwon
Waves - Dilla
Nag Champa - Common
In The Street - Dilla
Show Me What You Got - Busta Rhymes
Dime Piece - Dilla
Stop - Dilla
Whip Me With A Strap - Ghostface
Wordplay - Tribe Called Quest
Love of Love Part 1 - Slum Village
Last Donut of the Night - Dilla

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