Hi-Teknology: The Beats Pill

Posted On Thursday, July 3, 2014

This past week, I started posting on my IG what music I'm bangin' after lunch to keep me awake at my desk and one of my peoples got at me asking about the pill that just happens to go EVERYWHERE with me! And since posting those flicks a couple of my peoples got at me asking about the pill and if I rock with it and to be honest, I love the jawn for what I need it to do. Now, first and foremost let's keep a couple of things in mind about why I love the pill. Number one, I needed sumthin' that would bang when I was out and about with my mac book (you'd think that a $1,800 laptop's speakers would be dope enough) and I wanted to play beats or music for somebody and it does a dope job of doing just that. And number 2, I copped it at a pawn shop for $100! So, in a nutshell that's why I rock with the pill. I told cats if you're expecting to have a house party with this jawn like it's the Sonas 5 then you're SERIOUSLY mistaken...I mean, look at this thing...it's small as hell. The pill next to my Sonas 5 is like a yorkie standing next to a rott. There's absolutely no way that you could think that the volume, bass and clarity were gonna compare to sumthin like the Sonas series. Plus, I already knew there's no way I was paying $200 for a speaker this small but I always said that if I could get my hands on one for $100 that it's a done deal. Now, I've seen reviews of the pill saying there are other options out there that are better and/or cheaper which might be true but guess what? I'm not even gonna front, I wanted the pill. What can I say? I'm a big name brand label dude...sue me. So, like I told my peoples, if you're looking for something to add some volume to you phone, ipad or laptop when you're playing music but you don't expect it to replace your old school surround sound system at the crib and got an extra $200 laying around, then you can't go wrong with the pill.

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