Sidebar Vintage Mixtape: The Mind of A Married Man Mixes Volume 1

Posted On Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Every month, we’ll be dropping a new FREE mix ’round these parts just to thank cats for rocking with us and supporting me & my brother's new clothing line Sidebar Vintage! (ya’ll copped a shirt yet?) So the first mix on tap is my “Mind of A Married Man Mix Part 1.” Why is that the name of the mix? Well…I’m glad you asked. See, the mind of a married man (especially if he has kids) is usually ALL over the place. Whether it’s trying to remember what your wife wanted you to get from the store or better yet trying to find what isle it’s in, trying to remember which one of the cars needs to go in the shop this weekend or trying to remember your daughter’s shoe size cause you’ve gotta pick up her ballet slippers for her dance recital when you get off work. Trust me when I say a married man’s mind is always constantly moving. And since my daily playlist of music is also constantly moving (folk SWEAR all I listen to is hip hop and NOTHING could be further from the truth) I decided to put together a mixtpe series called “The Mind of A Married Man.” Now, if you ONLY listen to hip hop or just one genre of music, then this mix ain’t for you. But if you rock with a little bit of everything and you’re down to open your ears to hear some new artists or songs you may have never heard…then this mixtape series (yeah, I still call my mixes mixtapes…I’m old school) is right up your alley.

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