The Chop Shop: Chucky Thompson - My Life, My Music Documentary

Posted On Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anybody who knows me knows that I'm a HUGE advocate of twitter when it's time to network cause I've not only made a rack of dope connects through twitter but also a rack of good folk who I now consider friends. I met my dude Shon through twitter cause we were chopping it up about a documentary I was working on and he shared with me this project he was working on based on Chucky Thompson and he asked did I wanna be down...did I wanna be down?!?!?! Come on fam...of course I wanna be down! So, two weeks later I'm in the studio chopping it up with Chucky (who btw, is one of my fave producers EVER) and I'm finally getting answers to questions that I've had the past 20 years! And I think the dopest thing about this interview is that I come at 100% from a fan's perspective and I honestly think that's one of the biggest things missing from the game right now. Back in the day if you worked for the Source, MTV/BET or at a label you were 9 times outta 10 a hip hop head or at least a music lover but we all know that's not how the game is played anymore...but all of that to say, that I think this is a REAL dope interview cause I get Chucky to chop it up about everything from how he got in the game, seeing BIG go from being just an upcoming MC to becoming one of the best ever, why Stevie J was doing more of the R&B bangers on "Life After Death", why the Hitmen broke up and did Puff blackball them after the break up from Bad Boy and the differences between working with Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige to the pressure he felt producing Mary's "My Life", how Faith's "Soon As I Get Home" got made while he was rushing to the airport, how he got the call to work on Nas' "Stillmatic"  and since he's one of the few producers to have worked with both Nas and BIG, who he thinks is the better MC and what he's currently working on and what he has in the chamber. Dope stuff ya'll...for real!

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