I Can't Call It: The Best of 2013 - #10 & #9

Posted On Sunday, December 8, 2013

Aiight ya'll, it's that time again for my top 10 albums of the year. Just like last year's top 10, I combine all genres of music (cause to me there's not enough music that drops in any genre to make a legit top 10 list) and my "fiscal year" goes from December 2012 to the end of Novemebr 2013 cause I feel like I gotta at least give an album a good month in the deck before I can even think about throwing it in my top 10 list. So sit back and get your popcorn ready to either eat and enjoy the list or to throw it at your computer screen cause as always, I'm SURE most folk will have some kinda beef with at least half (if not all) of this list.

#10 "A Place Called Loveland" - Raheem DeVaughn

I've always rocked with Raheem ever since I first heard of money back on Jazzy Jeff's "The Magnificient" but I never felt like dude ever really put out an entire solid album...except now. Check out my review of "A Place Called Loveland" when it first dropped here...

#9 "Love In the Future" - John Legend

I can't front, John Legend fell off my radar a couple of years ago when he dropped "Revolver" and to be honest, the last person I was checking for on the R&B tip in 2013 was him. But this dude came through with a REAL solid album with "Love In The Future." Check out my review of "Love In The Future" when it first dropped here...

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