The B Side Wins Again: Erykah Badu's I Want You

Posted On Sunday, August 18, 2013

One of my hoemgirls Mya once schooled me that when you're pollying music with someone about their "favorite" artist and ALL they can do is name their singles...something's wrong. Basically what she's saying is that if you're a "fan" of someone, you gotta know more then the singles and what was played on the radio, you gotta know some B sides. And it's not just knowing the B sides, but for me, the majority of my favorite songs from most of the artist I mess with are NEVER their singles. Which brings me to today's "The B Side Wins Again" (which if you even dare to call yourself a hip hop head and have never heard this classic song from Public Enemey, like my man Kevin Harts says...kill yourself) "I Want You" by Erykah Badu. From the first time I heard this song, I KNEW (at least in my mind) that Badu wasn't EVER going to be able to top this so it got the favorite tag from the door. The breakdown in the music from slow to fast back to slow again is just BANANAS! And the words?!?!? "Love is on the way/all I got to say, is it won't let go/you can pray til early May/fast for 30 days/still it won't let go/got a good book and got all in it/tried a little yoga for a minute/but it won't let go." Props to Frequency (James Poyser, Rashad Smith and E. Badu) for the creation of this masterpiece that's off Erykah's "Worldwide Underground" EP.

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