Hoop Dreams: Shook Ones Part 2

Posted On Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1. Shook One: Individual who acts tough, but when things get hectic or tense, he gets scared and acts like the punk he really is."

Back in February, Derrick Rose’s brother Reggie said the Bulls weren’t putting enough talent around his brother. And to do Reggie some justice, let me quote him, “it’s frustrating to see my brother play his heart and soul out for the team and them not put anything around him.” Which of course is, the politically correct way of saying, without my brother, ya’ll ain’t ish! Wow…so the Bulls without Rose ain’t ish huh? Well, they’ve been looking damn good to me. I mean, this is the Bulls squad that stopped the Heat from making history during the regular season right? Just checking. So, Reggie thinks Derrick plays his heart and soul out for the Bulls huh? Like he’s doing right now? Maybe Reggie hasn’t been paying attention to his little brother but last time I checked this dude has been cleared to play for over 3 months…but he’s still not playing. Dude says it’s mental. Well see a fucking shrink and get out there and play! Now before I hear all of the “you’ve never been in his shoes rants” you’re right, I haven’t been in his shoes but a lot of other PROFESSIONAL athletes have and they actually rush back from injuries! Not just shoot around before every game only to end up putting on a suit to play cheerleader for your teammates. As a matter of fact, Iman Shumpert suffered the same injury around the same time as Rose's and this dude has been balling for the Knicks for the last 3 1/2 months! But Reggie says that THIS is the dude who plays his “heart and soul” out for his team right? Cool.

I wonder if Reggie noticed that the Chicago Bulls just beat a Brooklyn Nets team in the 1st round of the playoffs, staring their all star center Brook Lopez (who cats are calling the best center in the league), one of the top 5 points in the league in Deron Williams AND former all star Joe Johnson without their best player for the entire series, without their leading scorer Luol Deng (in games 6 and 7) AND with half the team with the flu AND with Nate Robinson earling in a trash can during timeouts while still dropping 18 points. And I don’t know about ya’ll but when I got the flu, all I wanna do is lay down. There’s no way on earth I got enough energy to go out and drop 18 on Brooklyn while making Mr. Kardashian look even dumber then he already looks. Damn, did I forget to mention that Noah was playing this series with plantar fascititis? Does Reggie know that it’s hard to stand when your dealing with that, let alone go out and average 11 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks against the league's best center? Probably not. But these are the same bunch of croonies who aren’t good enough to play with his brother right? 

I wonder if Reggie watched the game last night when those sorry ass teammates came into South Beach and handed the Heat their 1st playoff loss. And the way the Bulls are playing right now, Rose is gonna catch A LOT more shade for not playing cause he could really be the key to bringing another chip to Chi Town right now but…he’s in a suit…shook. (yup, I’m calling dude a “yellow back nigga” like P said) Cats may say, “C’mon Kil, Rose’s own teammates say they got his back.” Really? Come on ya’ll…do ya'll know who coaches the Bulls? You think Thibodeau plays that running your mouth to the press ish? Hell no. Bet money, that locker room is probably split right down the middle, if not higher for dudes looking straight at Rose. PLEASE believe me that niggas in that locker room are pissed at dude for not playing while the rest of them are out their bustin' their asses. And the craziest thing through all of this is Rose may actually be healthier then a lot of the players who are going out and playing with their “heart and soul” while he’s STILL on the bench. All of that to say, that I would personally encourage Reggie to take a page outta MC Lyte's rhyme book and shut the eff and use some of his time as Derrick’s agent to help his younger brother get an appointment with Dr. Phil (they shoot outta Chicago right?) ASAP so P and Hav can stop talking about this dude.

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