Buy The Album When I Drop It: The Away Team - Kil

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013

Ever since Marley Marl dropped his "In Control Volume 1" back in '89, one of the things I've always wanted to do as a producer is drop a compilation album similar to that. So in between producing albums for over 10 different artists, every now and then I'll cook up something crazy and stash it on the side for my project and I'm just about done with all of the beats for it. Now I just have to get them out to the artists, figure out who I want on what tracks, what collabos I want and get them writing. But in the meantime, I'm dropping "The Away Team" compilation album to help promote all of the artist I'm working with and all of the projects we're working on. All of the songs on this project are either featured on the albums the artists are working on or they're beats from my "Through the Wire Instrumental Series" I've been putting out. I named this project "The Away Team" because I feel like SO many different cats, blogs, websites, labels, etc. have fronted on me and/or my team and it feels like they're rooting against us but I can't wait til we're like Reggie Miller in the Garden (sorry Knicks fans) and it looks like we're about to lose the game, but in reality....we win. Download "The Away Team" compilation album for FREE at my Bandcamp page.

BTW, this comp is only available in a clean version cause I got baby girl on the cover (she wanted to be on the cover of one of my albums), and I KNOW ya'll knew I wasn't gonna have a rack of cursing on it. So, if ya'll want the dirty version, buy the albums from each artist when we drop 'em and SUPPORT real hip hop!

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