Soul Train Line: The Brand New Heavies

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013

I can't front, I slept on the Brand New Heavies when they first dropped. Truth be told, I slept on them for a while. I knew about their singles but I didn't know anything about THEM. And like my homegirl Mya taught me, if you only know the singles, then you don't know anything. When the Heavies first dropped I was TOO engulfed by hip hop to hear any other kind of music. Anybody playing a guitar, bass or playing keys was the LAST thing I wanted to hear. But I'll say this, I always LOVED their singer's voice! I could never pronounce shorty's name, but that voice was BANANAS!

I peeped their 2nd album "Heavy Rhyme Experience" but the only reason I checked for that was some of my fav mc's (Large Professor, Grand Puba, Master Ace, Guru and ) were being featured. And by the time I came up and took a breath of music other then hip hop and finally copped a Brand New Heavies album, the chick singing wasn't the shorty with the beautiful voice who's name I couldn't pronounce! Don't get me wrong, the music was dope but I wanted to hear shorty not the chick who's only gonna be known as the shorty who had that duet with Michael Jackson back in the day.

When shorty finally (N'Dea Davenport who's name I could now pronounce) dropped her solo album, I copped it and loved it! I also loved the fact that N'Dea got down with hip hop dudes. She already had been featured on Guru's 1st "Jazzmatazz" album but having Primo remix "Bring it On" and Dilla remixing "Bullsh-ttin" (not sure if that was an official remix though) was the icing on the cake for me.

But, I slept (again) when their reunion album "Get Used To It" dropped and it wasn't until I saw Chris Rock's "I Think I Love My Wife" and I heard THAT voice again that I FINALLY went to Amazon and copped all of their albums! So, after sleeping for damn near 20 years, here's my best of Brand New Heavies mix!

One of my favorite songs...The Brand New Heavies "Never Stop"

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