Secret Wars: X Men Legacy

Posted On Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ya'll already know I'm on my Marvel Now ish, so one of the first new titles I'm diving into is X Men Legacy. X Men Legacy deals with Legion who's Professor X's son who has a rack of different personalities living in his head with an array of different mutant powers. Xavier sends Legion to work with this dude Merzah the Mystic to help him find a way to deal with all of the different voices in his head. Merzah eventually helps Legion to get all of these personalities locked down in a prison inside his mind known as the Qortex so Legion can finally be somewhat normal. Which was working until Professor Xavier is killed by Cyclops which in turn, kills Mezrah and frees all of the prisoners in Legion's mind in Qortex which again sends Legion searching for a way to cope with the mutiny going on inside his head. So, does the most unstable mutant on the planet conquer his demons, join the X Men and follow in his father's footsteps or does he subcumb to his demons, lose control and kill everyone? Good question...

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